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imPhotoGraphics Design wants to say THANK YOU to all our clients who have been with us and supported us. We do what we do because of all the GREAT PEOPLE we meet and work with. Thanks!

Temple of Cartoon MOJO - recommends us!

If you're looking to have a banner made for conventions you ought to check this site out. It's very affordable and the quality is there. We'd recommend a retractable banner to make transport, storage, and setup extremely easy.www.imphotographics.com

Nate Pieko from Blambot Comic Fonts & Letters - recommends us!

From his June 2010 Newsletter: Need banners made up for your next convention appearance? Check out this company. They cater to the comics community. I ordered new 8' and 5' Blambot banners and the quality and customer service was exceptional!

Jeff Blakes - blogs us

"SOME REALLY COOL NEWS!! I have my FIRST banner! WHOO HOO! I was going back and forth ..., but found out that one company went that extra mile with helping me and laying down how they do things and what the banner is made of (ImPhotoGraphics)"

Rebecca Barnes (BLUESSENCE) - emailed us!

"Got my banner today, it looks Excellent! Thanks again for being able to get it done quickly."

Tim Seeley - emailed us!

"FANTASTIC work man! I got the banner today, and it's perfect!!" "I'll continue the tradition and tell my friends."

Katie Cooke - emailed us!

"thank you so much, i really LOVE the banner i bought last year. i've pointed so many people to you! david petersen, jeremy bastian and jay fosgitt are all part of my art night and i've pointed them all your way over the past year :) they love their banners too!"

David Peterson

"Thanks to Devyn of imphotographics.com for dropping off my new convention banners in Baltimore. ..., but thought I'd take photos of how great I think they turned out."

Jay P. Fosgitt (The Duck Factory) - emailed us!

"... I got the banner safe and sound and it looks incredible! Awesome work on that! I'll be sure to tell others about your services and will certainly use you for future products!"

and blogs us!

"I think what made my setup look the most professional was the incredible banner made for me by Devyn at ImPhotoGraphics. All I had to do was e-mail him an illustration, and within a week he sent me a banner so quick and easy to set up that even I could do it. Devyn showed up at the con with a copy of the art I sent him, and had me sign it. He's a wonderful guy, and I plan on sending more work his way in the coming year."

N3RDCast -recommends us!

"imPhotoGraphics.com do AWESOME banners....If you're looking for banners of any sort, check out our friend Devyn's company,...Great guy, super customer support, GREAT PRICES! Tell 'em the N3RDS sent ya!"

Lora Innes - twitter us!

"I've used these guys and was happy with what I got! http://www.imphotographics.com/ Fast, cheap, and pretty!"

John McCarthy (Grant's Publishing) - emailed us!

" ... it looks great! I didn’t even know we were getting a bag with it! Great job all around. Can’t wait to show it...on Monday."

Adam Talley - emailed us!

"received the banner today and it looks AWESOME! I plugged your site on my blog and everything tonight and I do mean it. I am completely impressed with the quality, and fast production of your work!

and - blogs us!

"For those that want a good lead on Convention table banners and displays, allow me to now fully endorse: http://www.imphotographics.com Great people, great prices and fast as hell shipping. Thanks guys. Great job on my banner printing! You made my work look great to look at from up close and afar!"

Gordon Smuder (Transylvania Television) - emailed us!

"Thanks for getting that out so amazingly fast! Once again, you rock!"

James Riot - emailed us!

"Thanks so much for rushing that job. You can be sure you'll be getting repeat business from me and I'll recommend you to anyone who'll listen."

Ken (Nerds Corp Entertainment) - emailed us!

"They turned out great. Thanks."

Kaitlin Reid (Colbalt Fox) - emailed us!

"...let you know that I got the banner on Friday and I am very happy with it, thanks so much! I have recommended you to some fellow artists as well, so I hope you get more business in the future!"

Nicole Falk - emailed us!

"holy moly! i cant believe how fast you printed them!"

Grant Gould - emailed us!

"I got the banner and it looks great. Thank you SO much for the awesome quality, fast turn-around, and excellent price! :) I'll definitely be using your services again."

Eric Jimenez - Angela emailed us!

"We absolutely loved the two items we’ve ordered from you recently"

Shawnti Therrien - emailed us!

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Scott Christian Sava (Blue Dreams Studio) - emailed us!

"Got them and they look spectacular. I’m sending everyone your way."