Premium Retractable Banner Stand

 PN IM-1001-24             Price $249.00

Graphic Size 23.5"x79

PN IM-1001-31             Price $249.00

Graphic Size 31"x79"

PN IM-1001-SLV   Price: $269.00

Graphic Size 33.25"x79"

33" Industry Standard Size 

PN IM-1001-48             Price: $319.00

Graphic Size 47"x79"     

Material: High quality aluminum

Price includes: graphic printing on 11mil non-curl poly film, padded carrying case

Optional Material: 11mil poly-fabric, 3D 

(additional cost)

33" Industry Standard Size 


Our Premium Retractable Banner Stands is constructed from high quality aluminum.  Heavier weight provides additional stability and durability. Good for frequent usage*.  As in all our retractable stand, these stands are user friendly and quick to setup with our 3-sectional poles. This models offers 4 different widths to choose from 31", 33", 48" or 60".  31" is designed with 2 foot base, for more stability.  Our 60" is our WIDEST retractable banner stands.  All  sizes comes with a padded carrying case.

Back in stock! Our 24" 4-sectional pole rectactable banner.  Great for travel.

* Need to update your graphic artwork on your premium banners stand?

Just send your banner stand back to us and submit your new artwork.  We will be more than happy to exchange your graphic print!  

Please note:  You will be responsible for the cost of shipping the unit back in good condition and the cost of a new print and return shipping.


PN IM-1001-60

Graphic Size: 58.25"x79"

Price: $379.00

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Premium Wall Mural System

Here is a unique idea for creating an inexpensive quick and easy back-wall.

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PN IM-1001-WM-33

Price: $719.00

Price includes: three (3) PN IM-1001 banner stands with graphic prints on non-curl poly film.

Other possible combinations......

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PN IM-1001-WM-48

Price: $849.00

Price includes: two (2) PN 1001 and one (1) PN 1001-48

PM IM-1001-WM-60

Price: $859.00

Price includes: two (2) PN 1001 and one (1) PN 1001-60

OR you can make any combination you can think of....just contact us for a quote