Mesh Panels & Soft Walls

MeshPanels and SoftWalls are the perfect solution for displaying your artwork. Lightweight panels roll up for compact transport and can be configured to suit your display requirements.  Allow display on both sides of the panel.

Adds valuable display space and can be positioned anywhere within your booth space. Perfect for booth spaces with non-standard dimensions.  Artwork can be displayed on both sides of the mesh display wall. Two dimensional pieces can be hung using hook-clips for unmounted work or use s-hooks.  S-Hooks slip into the mesh to hold framed artwork.  Each s-hook can hold up to 15 lbs each.  
Each steel display wall stands 7ft high.

For larger display you can order the ZigZag Mesh Panels or ZigZag Soft Walls.  This is a set of three right angle connected panels for more viewing space.


Choose: Standard Foot Plates or lockable Wheel Sets.

Mesh Panels are made with heavy-duty polyester mesh 
Soft Walls are made with heavy-duty polyester mesh and backed with black Fabric for a cleaner display 

All materials Certified Flame Resistant

Pricing for White Mesh Panel:
 Sizew/Foot Plates  w/Wheel Sets
 8'x7' $365 $400
Included: A pack of 24 s-hooks

Included: A pack each of s-hooks and pin hooks

Standard Foot

Wheel Set

Carrying Bag
Carrying Bags (poles only) — Store and transport in a extremely rugged carrying bags. Constructed of the same tough mesh as MeshPanels, they feature a full-length zipper for ease of loading and dual handles that make them easy for one or two people to carry.
Price: $69.00

S-Hooks, Bag of 24 — S-Hooks slip into the mesh on the MeshPanel Display Walls to hold framed artwork or three-dimensional pieces up to 15 lbs each.
price: $3.00

Pin-Hooks, Bag of 24 — Pin-Hooks slips into the the black fabric on the Soft Wall to allow for hanging additional art work.
price: $3.00

Easy to set up with aluminum hooks at top edge and buckle-straps at bottom edge and velcro side straps for all round tensioning display wall
For indoor use only 
Mesh Panel
with Standard Foot Plate


Hook-clips, Bag of 12 — Use MeshPanels Hook-clips to hold unmounted artwork and other paper displays without damaging your artwork. 
price: $9.00 


Pin Hook & S-Hook