X-Premium Banner Stand
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X-Premium Banner Stand
             PN               Graphic Size
PN-IM-NT-101 ..... 18"x63" 
PN-IM-NT-120 ..... 36"x72"
PN-IM-NT-250 ..... 59"x98"

PN-IM-NT-101 ..... 18"x63" ..... $169.00    (other graphic size 24"x72" &  30"x70")
PN-IM-NT-120 ..... 36"x72" ..... $249.00    (other graphic size 36"x78" & 48"x72")
PN-IM-NT-250 ..... 59"x98" ..... $399.00       

Price includes: one graphic print (size noted with price) on 11mil poly-fabric, nylon bag, other sizes quoted are available at additional cost.  You can also order all 3 sizes at the same time or at a later date for additional cost

Easy assembly, light weight & reliable.  Adjustable tension strength, excellent durability with FRP + Steel.  Extra height extension poles.  Available for 3 different size graphics for the same hardware.  

Material: Steel + FRP* & Die Casting

* What is FRP Fiber-reinforced plastic - composite material made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fiber.  The fibers are usually glass, carbon or aramid while the polymer is usually and expoxy, vinylester or polyester thermosetting plastic.  Commonly used in aerospace and automotive.