Deluxe Retractable Banner Stand

Our deluxe line of retractable banner stands is constructed with high quality aluminum.  User friendly, fast, easy set up and versatility makes this unit a great value.  Three models to choose from.  Each with its own unique features.  Padded carrying case protects your unit.  Accessory lighting is available and sold separately to complete your entire display.  

Price includes: graphic print on 11mil non-curl poly film, padded carrying case

Optional Material: 11mil poly-fabric (additional cost)

PN IM-1009-24-SLV        $219.00 
Graphic Size: 23"x79"    
see below for additional travel-size banner

Unique features:  This 24" width model comes with a 4-sectional pole to easily fit into a 24" long padded carrying case.  It allows for ease of travel; can be easily carried on or fits into your suitcase.

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OTHER Travel-Size Banner

For additional travel friendly banner stands, please check out our other models:


PN IM-1009-TS
Graphic Size: 33"x30"~84.5"
Price: $259.00
Unique features:  This 33" width retractable banner stand provide you the flexibility to determine your height.  A telescopic 3-sectional pole provides variable height from 30" up to 84.5".  Quick and easy to set up in seconds.

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PN IM-1009-BKP    $249.00
PN IM-1009-SLV    $239.00  
Graphic Size: 33"x79"

Unique feature:  This 33" width retractable banners stand gives you an option of a unique black or silver base.  Distinguish yourself from everyone else!  Same high quality aluminum deluxe design.  3-sectional pole included.


Accessory & Replacement

  • PN IM-1007 ............. Spot Light
  • PN IM-1009-B-24 ..... 24"  padded bag
  • PN IM-1009-B .......... 33" padded bag
  • PN IM-1009-P24 ....... 4-sectional pole
  • PN IM-1001-POLE ..... 3-sectional pole
  • PN IM-1009-TELP ..... Telescopic pole
  • PN IM-1001-T24 ...... 24" top bar
  • PN IM-1001-T33 ...... 33" top bar