Fine Art Printing

Fine Art
Paper Stock:

Textured Fine Art 310g
(Archival Paper)

Other media available:
Cotton Etching 285g
Velvet Rag 315g
(Archival Paper)
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Don't see the paper you are looking for?  Contact us and we will work with you to find the right paper for you

Create a unique fine art print with deckle edges - choose from fine, medium or heavy
Deckle Edge: 
additional $1.00 per print 
additional $5.00 per print size 16x20 or larger


         PN                 Size        Price per Print

    IM-DP-11X14        11X14                 $6.00
    IM-DP-12x18        12x18                  $8.00
    IM-DP-16X20        16x20                $13.00
    IM-DP-16X24        16x24                $14.00
    IM-DP-20X24        20x24                $15.00
    IM-DP-20X30        20x30                $17.00
    IM-DP-24X30        24x30                $20.00
    IM-DP-24X36        24x36                $25.00
    IM-DP-30X40        30X40                $35.00
    IM-DP-36X48        36X48                $45.00
    IM-DP-40X60        40X60                $65.00
    IM-DP-Custom     Request a quote  

            PN                Size           Price per Print

    IM-FA-11x17        11x17                $  6.00      
    IM-FA-12X18        12x18                $  7.50
    IM-FA-16X20        16x20                $30.00
    IM-FA-16X24        16x24                $32.00
    IM-FA-20X24        20x24                $34.00
    IM-FA-20X30        20x30                $38.00
    IM-FA-24X30        24x30                $45.00
    IM-FA-24X36        24x36                $55.00
    IM-FA-Custom  max width 60" Request quote                            
Priced quoted are for minimum order requirements below, if ordering single prints or less than minimum please contact us for quote.

Minimum order of 24 prints for 11x17 & 12x18 size prints. (additional prints order must be in increments of 2)
Minimum order of 3 prints for 16x20 size and up

To meet the minimum, you can mix your images with an additional $2.50 per image used.


Digital Photo
Paper Stock:
Premium Luster
Premium Glossy

This paper delivers highly saturated prints by offering maximum ink coverage and a highly D-Max for true photographic reproductions.  Its 10mil RC base gives prints a photographic feel.  Perfect for wedding, portraits and fine-art photographs.